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Virtual Nutrition Education Program – Week 6: Healthy Oils & Decoding Sugars

Healthy Oils


Decoding Sugars


View the Virtual Nutrition Education video release schedule below:

The virtual nutrition education program is presented by Feast Down East in partnership with UNC- Wilmington and the Northside Health and Wellbeing Improvement Team. The videos are hosted by Jeff Bell, a UNCW graduate assistant with the School of Health and Applied Human Services, and Robin Hanretta, the Nutrition Education Manager for Feast Down East, with Food Safety infomercials by Cooperative Extension agents, Deb Chappell and Cheryle Syracuse. Find ingredients used in the videos at mobile market sites, monthly schedules are available on our website and social media.

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Published by Feast Down East

Feast Down East is a nonprofit organization working to grow the local food system in Southeastern North Carolina. Our mission is to strengthen the farming communities in and around the Wilmington area by providing resources, education and distribution opportunities to farmers while addressing equitable food access in communities with the greatest need.

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